About The Restroom Kit
How Dirty Are Public Restroom

The man behind The Restroom Kit®

Bill Massey is the CEO of TimeAway LLC. Bill is passionate about the product. Restroom cleanliness and lack of supply will always be an issue not only in the U.S. but aboard. Bill wants to accomplish two things: first, educate the public on what they are walking into when entering a restroom; second, offer the public a solution that enhances their situation when entering any restroom.

TimeAway LLC has developed The Restroom Kit® which is primarily intended to be used in public restrooms as a means of deriving improved sanitation for users. Additionally, it will help prevent and/or reduce the spread of disease, bacteria and viruses. When using a public restroom in most cases we use what is there. We have no idea how long a product has been in the restroom; to that end, we really don’t know what’s been done to or with the products. We only know it’s there!

The average person doesn’t know that when a toilet is flushed the stool flows down but some germs and bacteria float up via a flush cloud. The bacterium that floats up may find its way onto the tissue of the next individual’s usage. At home you can still control the amount of cleanliness that goes into your restroom, but in an outside facility you have no control over the cleanliness. So how do you reduce the effect of soiled restroom materials? Simply bring your own! Carry “The Restroom Kit”® by TimeAway LLC.

The Restroom Kit® is receiving wide spread interest and has participated in casting calls for ABC’s Shark Tank in hopes of partnering with a shark.

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